• Engaging Patients
    Improving Outcomes

    Enhance patient experience, improve outcomes and reduce costs by connecting with your patients at the most common point of interaction today – their mobile device.


    Drive personal, timely, actionable patient engagement with a complete, up-to-the-moment view of patient healthcare activity.

  • Advancing The Care Model

    Better Patient Experience

    Exceed Patient Expectations With An Experience That Is Helpful, Personal and Easy

    An outstanding patient experience results in improved patient satisfaction and sense of well-being leading to higher care quality scores and payor incentives.

    Improved Outcomes

    Stimulate Patients To Take An Active Role In Improving Their Health​

    Staying connected results in patients who actively manage their health and comply with care plans helping them to get and stay healthy and recover faster.

    Lower Cost of Care

    State-of-the-Art Tools Enable Personalized Outreach And Care Coordination At Population Scale

    Automated “high-tech, high-touch” management of routine healthcare activities enables skilled staff to focus on higher-value care activities.

    Attract and Retain Patients

    Create A Differentiated Care Experience That Attracts And Retains Patients

    Retaining patients costs far less than acquiring them. Patients are more likely to choose and stay with providers offering an innovative, patient-centered experience.

  • Addressing The Care Continuum

    Transitional Care

    Readmissions Are Expensive.

    Recovery Can Be Stressful.


    CareTraxx drives improved recovery rates and a reduction in readmissions with features that ensure continuity of communication and compliance with transitional care plans.


    Plus, tap into new revenue opportunities by efficiently taking on additional Transitional Care Management case loads.

    Chronic Care

    Chronic Illness Continues To Rise.

    Chronic Care Costs Are Huge.


    Use CareTraxx to closely monitor adherence to chronic care plans and help patients take an active stake in managing their chronic conditions.


    Plus, tap into new revenue opportunities by efficiently taking on additional Chronic Care Management case loads.

    Accountable Care

    Healthy Patients Need Care Too.

    Encourage Healthy Behavior.


    CareTraxx inspires healthy patients to stay healthy by focusing on positive behaviors and boosting use of preventive healthcare services.


    Drive revenue with increased use of wellness services like annual visits, vaccinations and more. Higher patient satisfaction and care quality result in decreased patient churn and improved payor incentives.

  • Features for Personal Engagement at Population Scale

    Flexible Workflow

    Payor requirements can change. Specific discharge conditions require distinct care plans. CareTraxx makes it easy to automate activities required to keep patients focused on recovery and ensure payor reimbursement.

    • Providers who deliver comprehensive transitional care see higher patient recovery rates and can realize new revenue opportunities.
    • Patients receiving regular communication during their care transition have fewer setbacks, are less stressed and feel more satisfied with their care.

    Real-Time Patient Access

    Patients have questions. CareTraxx puts answers at their fingertips with real-time information on medications, immunizations, upcoming appointments and more.

    • Providers who give patients easy access to care plans see fewer costly readmissions, improved compliance, and reduced demand on office staff.
    • Patients with easy access to care information are more engaged and self-sufficient in keeping their health in check.

    Continuous Communication

    Continuous oversight and coordination are critical to improving health outcomes for the chronically ill. CareTraxx provides a complete view of patient healthcare activity and effective engagement automation.

    • Providers who regularly engage with chronically ill patients can improve care outcomes and significantly reduce long-term cost of care while benefiting from new revenue opportunities.
    • Chronically ill patients who receive regular communication and education from their providers are more likely to demonstrate positive behaviors that improve their health. 

    Targeted Patient Outreach

    Speak to 100’s of patients at the click of a button. The easy-to-use dashboard automates delivery of relevant messages based on whatever criteria you choose.

    • Providers earn higher quality-of-care scores and larger payor incentives by delivering relevant, actionable care information to patients. 
    • Patients become more proactive with their care via action prompts from their providers about vaccinations, office visits, medications and more.

    Patient Notifications That Get Seen

    Emails get overlooked. Websites get forgotten. The CareTraxx app breaks through the noise and clutter by delivering in-app notifications that patients will actually see.

    • Providers using a dedicated mobile app vs. a crowded email inbox or cumbersome website communicate with patients in a more impactful way.
    • Patients appreciate the convenience and ease of having all the care information they need at the tap of their finger.

    Task Automation

    Features like appointment setting, easy referral management and secure chat, free office staff to spend less time on the phone and more time on value add tasks.

    • Providers using CareTraxx realize lower costs and higher staff productivity by automating routine patient interactions.
    • Patients enjoy familiar chat-like messaging and appreciate the ability to schedule appointments and seek referrals from their mobile device.

    Community Building

    Nurture the patient relationship beyond the office visit by becoming a reliable source for information and events that encourage a healthier lifestyle.

    • Providers offering community support resources foster a community of patients who prioritize higher levels of engagement in their own care .
    • Patients who utilize community resources benefit from the additional support and education they receive while in recovery. 
  • Improve Care Coordination, See the "Whole" Patient

    CareTraxx innovative data integration technology provides patients and providers with a complete, up-to-the-moment view of healthcare activity using data directly from the systems of record - provider EMRs. The CareTraxx platform avoids the need for complex and costly healthcare data exchange that can frequently result in outdated and incorrect copies of healthcare records.


    Plus, the “whole" patient view powers personalized, relevant and targeted outreach that takes mobile patient engagement to a new level.


  • About Us

    At CareTraxx, our mission is simple - use cutting edge technology to provide a healthcare experience that exceeds patient expectations while enabling providers to improve health outcomes and optimize healthcare costs.

    We believe an experience which is helpful, personal and accessible will inspire patients to take an active role in managing their health, improve their feeling of wellness, and result in more loyal, higher value patient-provider relationships.

    We're passionate about our mission. Learn more about us below.

    Scott Moser

    Co-Founder and CEO Scott Moser is a seasoned software executive and persistent evangelist of using mobile technology to engage audiences. “CareTraxx is perfectly positioned to help achieve healthcare’s triple-aim: provide a better patient experience, improve health outcomes, and lower healthcare costs,” he said about the data-driven CareTraxx mobile solution for patients.

    Prior to CareTraxx, he was a founding team member and served as Chief Product Officer of Orbiscom, a financial technology startup that transformed how consumers shop online and with mobile devices. In 2009, after many of the world’s largest financial services firms successfully implemented the technology, Orbiscom was acquired by MasterCard Worldwide. Earlier roles include senior level positions in software product development for large enterprises across a number of industries. His skill at navigating complex IT landscapes and building and deploying solutions to meet rigorous quality, operational, support, and security requirements make him perfectly suited to lead the CareTraxx team to success.

    Michael Moser, MD, MS

    Co-Founder Mike Moser is a practicing orthopedic surgeon who served as Medical Director and Director of Quality of a 30-physician department that generated more than 100,000 ambulatory visits and 8,000 surgical cases annually. The years he spent in those positions provided invaluable insight into the importance of using technology to more fully engage patients through focused, recurrent and real-time communications.

    “The ultimate objectives of leveraging technology throughout the continuum of care are three-fold: better outcomes for patients, lower costs for payors, and improved operating margins for providers,” according to Dr. Moser. The Masters of Entrepreneurship he received from the University of Florida in 2008 helped crystalize his thinking about how important it is for providers to deliver proactive, patient-centered, value-based care. “I’m excited about the opportunity to join medical practices on the journey to creating a healthier population base,” he said about his motivation for co-developing CareTraxx.

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