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The CareTraxx Platform

We connect people receiving care with people who provide it.

The CareTraxx Platform is a user-engagement solution for populations of patients and caregivers.

Its intuitive, mobile-first design improves the cost, quality, and experience of care.


VisiTraxx™ EVV

It’s time for a patient-centric approach to EVV.

VisiTraxx’s user engagement features improve workflow and care experience for patients and caregivers.

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The VisiTraxx Difference

Optimized EVV workflows for patients, caregivers, and organizations.


Solving Real Business Problems

VisiTraxx drives operational and clinical improvement in home-based care.

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Self-Directed Care

VisiTraxx helps populations receiving care to maintain independence at home.

Self-direction empowers people to participate in the selection of care and services that work best for them. We believe that people receiving receiving care best understand their needs and should activity help to plan and manage their own services.

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VisiTraxx Users

VisiTraxx enables streamlined transitions across the care continuum.